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At Sheney & Co. we specialize in aviation covers and products, interior and seat refurbishing, interior cargo restraint system nets and custom products.

Our Goal is to ensure that our Helicopter Covers are the best available. Working with the people who use these helicopter covers day to day has helped us produce an excellent line of products over the years. Seventeen years of sewing experience combined with studies in Aircraft Maintenance at Canadore College (2003-2005) makes us fully prepared to accomplish nearly any task. We are well aware of the airworthiness regulations. All interior upholstery products are shipped with a Certificate of Compliance in regards to fire retardants FAR Chap. 25. We understand the principle of flight and are well informed in the workings of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing. We have the knowledge and the expertise to design products to suit your particular needs.


- Aviation Covers

- Interior and Seat Refurbishing

- Interior Cargo Restraint System

- Custom projects

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Bell 205 products

Most Bell 205 products fit the Bell 212, ask us for more details.

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Bell 206 products

Check out the Bell 206 Long Ranger Blade tie down. The most durable blade tie down available on the market.

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AS 350 products

Check out the newly designed tail rotor cover made with 100% waterproof fabric, also fully enclosed up to the TR tranny.

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Seating and Interior Refurbishing

We have a range or products avalable from seat covers to complete restoration of interior, including leather seating. All of our interior products come with pertaining C of Cs.

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Interior Cargo Restraint System

Net kits available for various types of helicopters, please specify. All net kits come with carrying bags.

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12/01/2010 - New products added to our inventory. If we don't have what your looking for, we'll make you a custom design!

03/09/2009 - Recently featured in Vertical Magazine, Article Oct 2009. Doing it in the Cold Page 74.

03/09/2009 - New Extreme weather blade covers available 100% water proof PVC construction.

03/09/2009 - Long line protective Covering design completed. See Pics